Keeping You and Your Data Safe

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  •  September 29, 2017
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Are your passwords safe enough? How can you make it hard for hackers to hack your website? Kicking off our fall networking series earlier this month, ChickTech Missoula’s own Nora McDougall (The Computer Gal) answered these and other questions at a workshop on computer and website security. Held at the Montana Enterprise Technology Center (MonTEC), the workshop gave Missoula women a chance to meet and network while providing valuable information on how to keep their computers and websites safe.

In her presentation Nora gave great advice on a range of computer security issues. Still keeping your list of passwords written down on a piece of paper near your computer? An intruder, or anyone you let in your home, could nab that list and have access to all your important online accounts. While keeping passwords safe is essential for everyone, Nora also emphasized that business owners need to be especially savvy about protecting customers’ information if they conduct business transactions online. Keeping multiple backups of your digital assets and keeping your software up-to-date are key to preventing devastating personal and professional losses. Nora drove home her points by sharing stories from her work helping clients with their websites. Hearing how real people have suffered from security breaches and from losing important data gave a very human face to these technology issues. It also provided compelling evidence on why we can’t afford to let computer and website security become an “I’ll worry about it later” project.

ChickTech Missoula is planning more networking and education events for the fall. Our next event will be held Wednesday, October 18th at 5:30 pm at Imagine Nation Brewing. Kathryn Grady, ChickTech Missoula team member and MCPS parent, will share her experiences leading an Hour of Code after-school program at Lewis and Clark School and will offer her advice on teaching kids to code even if you don’t know how. Other meet-ups are in the works, so stay tuned for information about our upcoming events. If you are working in a tech-related field and you have an idea for a workshop, ChickTech would like to hear from you! Sign-up on our volunteer form or send us a message at

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