ChickTech Missoula Leadership Team

June Noel

June Noel

Volunteer Manager

Originally from the Philippines, June Noel graduated from the University of Montana. Following graduation, she became the web/IT specialist at the University Center. For the last five years, June has worked at Washington Corporations’ IT Department and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Digital Media Design through the Harvard University Extension School.

Former Co-founder of Women for the Web, a community group providing mentorship, education to encouragement to women in technology, June is actively engaged in her community. June works with to send underprivileged Filipino children to school and her Big Sky Big Heart relief efforts with Child United following Typhoon Yolanda raised $35,000 to buy supplies victims.

June has presented at Big Sky Dev Con, UM’s International Women’s Day, STEM workshops across Montana, and was one of the Missoulian’s Top 20 Under 40 young business professionals of 2014.

In her spare time, she enjoys mountain biking, cycling, hiking, skiing, reading, traveling, and crossing something off her bucket list.


Sophia Richter

High School Program – Volunteer Manager

Sophia Richter is a student at Hellgate High School, who has competed in the Technovation Challenge for two years. She loves to work with technology, and believes that it is very important for females of all ages should have the opportunity to learn more about coding, and leadership. She works with many youth programs, because she believes that in order to get more women involved with STEM, interest must start at an early age, and young girls should be taught to embrace science.

Kathryn Grady

Kathryn Grady

Fundraising Team/K-8 Programs Director

Kathryn Grady is a proud graduate of the Missoula County Public Schools and Wellesley College, where she became committed to ensuring girls and young women realize their potential, and that all kids are well-positioned for college and career success.

In her role as fundraising/development manager for ChickTech Missoula, Kathryn brings years of experience working as a development officer for the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute at USC in Southern California, and the Hispanic College Fund in Washington, DC, where she was responsible for fundraising millions of dollars to help guide underserved students to a college degree and professional success through policy research, college preparatory programs, and scholarships.

Happy to be back in her hometown, Kathryn enjoys spending time with her family, which includes two young children, a dashing husband, a cat, and a hamster. When not with the family, Kathryn works with school districts as an account executive for Certica Solutions, a leader in K-12 data solutions, and volunteers her time leading after-school coding classes for kids in grades K-5 at Lewis and Clark Elementary School.


Nora McDougall

High School Program Director

Training and events of both children and adults have been part of Nora’s repertoire for 30 years.

From being a 4-H leader to creating and directing plays and skits to creating and running a science camp to being a CodeGirls coach, she learned that kids have an amazing ability to learn and dive in to the wonders of the world around them. Kids are fully capable of learning the basic principles behind any topic, provided it’s made interesting and relevant.

From teaching at FVCC in Kalispell, to teaching at The Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, to teaching UM, to speaking at conferences, Nora has learned that adults have the ability to learn anything they want to. People often feel they can’t learn a skill because they don’t learn as quickly or in the same manner as someone else. But, adults are fully capable of learning the basic principles behind any topic, provided it’s made interesting and relevant.

ChickTech is an exciting opportunity for girls and women to learn, engage and network!

Amita Greer

Amita Greer

Chapter Financial Director

Amita Patel Greer is Executive Director of Montana Code School. Prior, she worked as the Small Business Development Center Director for Montana Community Development Corporation for 7 years. She has a MBA in Finance from Seton Hall University.

Sarah Beccari Fundraising Team

Sarah Beccari

Logistics Manager

Sarah is an Implementation Consultant and Developer at Advanced Technology Group (ATG) in Missoula. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Management Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Montana. Her known programming and database languages include Visual Basic, Java, Python, R, SQL, HTML/CSS, and Apex/ VisualForce (Salesforce). Sarah has a passion for technology and hopes to be a mentor to young women and girls who are interested in STEM fields.
When she is not developing or implementing software, Sarah enjoys spending time with her two black lab dogs and her nephew. She loves to hike, camp, birdwatch, or any other outdoor activity in Montana.


Brigitta Lee

Chapter Director

A Montana-native and graduate of Sentinel High School in Missoula, Brigitta entered tech by way of higher education and humanities research.  A graduate of the part-time program at the Montana Code School, Brigitta draws on her administrative and leadership experience at educational institutions in Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado and Montana.  In addition to her developing interests in Javascript and Node.js, Brigitta is passionate about food and flamenco.  She also enjoys hanging out with her niece and nephews, playing trivia and floating Montana rivers in the summer.


Hatton Littman

High School Program – Participant Engagement Manager

Hatton has well-rounded experience in many facets of education, media and marketing. She has worked as an adjunct faculty member of colleges in Boston and Colorado; created nonprofit organizations to activate systemic school reform in inner-city Denver public schools; participated on grantwriting teams that secured $10 million dollars in multiyear grants for Metro State and Denver Public Schools; operated a private high school that incorporated distance learning and experiential education Big Sky; as a classroom teacher in Big Sky; and served on several task forces and committees advising public school systems in Colorado and Montana. Before her career in education, Hatton

Before her career in education, Hatton worked as a documentary filmmaker and worked on the production teams of small and large films as well as in commercial television production.

Hatton currently serves as the Director of Technology and Communications for Missoula County Public Schools.   Hatton also sits on the board of the Missoula Ski Education Foundation and she spends most of her winter weekends on skis around racecourses.

Born and raised in Richmond, VA, Hatton made her way out west and I will never look back. She is trained in the NOLS leadership model and is an avid outdoor athlete and dancer. When she is not out saving the world, she relaxes with her husband, two sons and her wonder dog in the great outdoors.

ChickTech Missoula Board Members

Bracha Tenenbaum

Bracha Tenenbaum

Bracha Tenenbaum is a Product Manager at Submittable, a Missoula startup, and volunteers at the Missoula Juvenile Detention Center where she teaches creative writing. She received her BA in Philosophy from Columbia University and spends her free time painting, trail running or playing Dominion.


Diane Conradi

Diane provides responsive, tailored legal help to startups, small and growing businesses, nonprofit and real estate clients. She thrives on the spark of innovation; thinks “five steps ahead” with her clients to anticipate problems before they happen; and stands ready to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively when needed.

She brings her own brand of invention, collaboration, and relentless advocacy to clients and causes. Prior to starting Conradi Anderson, she practiced as a legal service lawyer in Oregon and Montana, started a solo law office and founded and directed Whitefish Legacy Partners, a recreation and conservation nonprofit. Diane co-founded Flathead County’s first pro bono attorney program for low income families which earned her an award from the Montana State Bar. Diane was the “innovative legal mind behind the Whitefish Trail” project—a precedent setting 15+ million dollar conservation and recreation project with 2000 acres of protected land and 33 miles of natural single track biking and hiking trails.

ChickTech is a registered 501(c)3.